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Home Services App for Local Handyman

Home Services are getting very popular these days. Especially since COVID-19, most of us have restricted or cut-down social activities. Few industries are doing very well even in this situation. A booming one among them is home services and in-home service providing.

What is home services anyway? Traditionally, home service was meant to provide support person for living with someone, helping them with their daily chores etc. But with the digitilization, home services are now available to do anything and everything possible. With a home services app, user can search or provide services such as personal care, shopping, fixing appliance, house sitting, baby sitting, nanny care, elderly care, pet care, handyman services, plumbing, moving furniture, auto care, personal grocery, prescription pick-up, food delivery and other chores.

What makes Jobonji App different? As you probably have seen, users are not restricted to any particular services, or offerings. With this App, provider could publish any services that are legal and reasonable. So there is no head-ache if you want to look for a handyman and ask the same person to offer you buy groceries! All this without any fixed pricing. Both parties could decide if they would like to offer or accept any services and agree upon a price that is mutually negotiated. Jobonji does not act as a middleman! The App provides a platform for users to interact. Especially ones that are looking for handyman near home or help with odd jobs around the house.

Of course, there are risks by not acting as a middle man. Seekers and providers are responsible for everything. From price to schedule, for the service quality etc. To reduce the risk, and to have a trust in the service provider, the App provides an option for getting verified. This will provide a basic coverage, where you need to upload your ID and address so you could receive a "Verified" badge on your profile. Anyone who seeks services can now look at these badge to decide.

Jobonji App is a simple and easy to use app, globally, for finding home services and handyman nearby to help with your daily chores or odd jobs.

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