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Odd Jobs and Side Gigs - Jobonji App makes it easy for on-demand labor WORKERS AND TASKS

Jobonji, once just a dream, now a reality. The idea of developing Jobonji App came early last year (2018) while I was searching for elderly care for my mom. I thought finding a person to help out from the local community would be an easy task, but I soon realized how difficult it was to find someone whom you can trust, who would be available, when you need, where you need, and willing to help with daily household chores such as cleaning, cooking, running errands, nanny care, washing clothes etc.

This simple problem taught me a few lessons. First, it took me about a week to decide on the right newspaper with which to place an ad. It then took another week to receive responses, and another few days went by simply screening. As the days progressed, and I scheduled calls with the prospective care giver, it became obvious that there was something missing. It shouldn’t be this hard and time consuming to find someone whom you can trust from your own neighborhood. Especially with the difficulty of going through agencies, firms, and small businesses, who sometimes are so busy that you must wait for an appointment when you need help immediately. Through all of this, the idea of Jobonji was born.

I thought of the difference it would make if there was an app for everyday people to make themselves “available for hire” anytime they choose, to do any odd jobs, in any chosen neighborhood. Simply put, you yourself become the ‘Uber’ of jobs!

Let’s explain Jobonji’s concept through a possible scenario. Joe and Jill are neighbors. Joe is having an important client meeting and he would welcome any help from someone willing to do his grocery shopping. In return, Joe would give extra cash, commission, or tips for the help. Joe opens the Jobonji App, posts and publishes his need for grocery shopping, and includes that he is willing to pay $10 (plus the price of his groceries) for the help.

Jill, who is Joe’s neighbor and a stay at home mom, sees the Ad via Jobonji instant job notifications. Jill happens to be on her way to go grocery shopping. She responds to Joe via Jobonji App messages, letting him know that she can do the task for him. Joe and Jill have now both agreed to the work, and it’s a happy ending for both parties thanks to the ease of the Jobonji app. As we can see, Jobonji helps people and businesses like Joe, to find on-demand labor workforce and hire them immediately, to do daily household chores, demand jobs or odd jobs around the house. Jobonji also helps people like Jill, who can earn extra cash daily by helping out local people. People like Jill now have the ease of having an app for finding daily cash paid odd jobs near them, to have a side gig for making that extra cash, and receiving instant job notifications based on their preferences and the types of help they would like to provide.

What makes Jobonji different? One big difference is how Jobonji stands out catering the need for blue-collar ordinary workers. Most job sites or Apps available in the market today are focused on skilled and highly qualified jobs – Engineers, Scientists, Teachers, Professionals…etc. But with Jobonji, the focus is ‘everyday work, house chores, odd jobs and daily jobs’. Second, Jobonji can be useful finding odd jobs that are instant, cash paid, and local. No longer is there a days, weeks or months long ‘hiring process’. Jobonji connects job seekers with job posters instantly. That’s it! Plain and simple.

Within months of the App’s roll out, we are seeing an organic adoption. Users are finding the App on their own to try it out. This App is at early growth stage, at bare bones, and there are many enhancements and feature improvements in store. One obviously missing enhancement is marketing for the awareness of this Free App - for both job posters and seekers. We are confident that Jobonji would become a household name, like Uber of Jobs, for getting help with everyday house chores from your next neighbor.

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